From Jackson To GTNP May 23-October 2, 2015

Pick Up Location

Home Ranch Parking Lot (Casche and Gill, back NE corner picnic tables) 7:30AM 10:15AM 2:00PM 3:15PM 6:45PM  
JH/Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center (front entrance on North Cache) 7:35AM 10:20AM 2:05PM 3:20PM 6:50PM  
National Museum Of Wildlife Art (START bus stop, by request only) N/A 10:25AM 2:10PM 3:25PM N/A  
Moose (Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center by Moose statue) 7:55AM 10:40AM 2:25PM 3:40PM 7:10PM  
Taggart Lake Trailhead (north end curbside in front of bike stands) 8:05AM 10:50AM N/A 3:50PM N/A  
Jenny Lake Visitor Center (Between Visitors Center and Store) 8:15AM 11:00AM 2:45PM 4:00PM 7:30PM  
Jenny Lake Lodge (Parking lot at Lodge sign and flag) 8:25AM 11:10AM 2:55PM 4:10PM 7:40PM  
Signal Mountain Lodge (main parking lot, south of entrance) 8:40AM 11:25AM 3:10PM 4:25PM 7:55PM  
Jackson Lake Lodge (Front Entrance,first uncovered lane) 8:50AM 11:35AM 3:20PM 4:35PM 8:05PM  
Colter Bay Visitor Center(Main entrance) 9:05AM 11:50M 3:35PM 4:50PM 8:20PM  
Flagg Ranch Resort (bus lane, north of main lodge) 9:30AM N/A N/A 5:15PM N/A  

From GTNP To Jackson May 23-October 2, 2015